They're Lying To You

A New Book by Jim DeMint

This October, former Senator Jim DeMint is publishing his newest book ​They’re Lying to You. ​Aptly timed as our country faces “a time for choosing”, DeMint persuasively debunks ten lies about race, gender, privilege, racism, border policy, and American society that have become deeply engrained and commonly repeated, especially among young people and moderates. Throughout these engaging pages, DeMint shows that these lies are based on myths, fear, anger, and selfishness – and can be persuasively debunked using logic, data, history, and our most important tool—Truth with a capital T.

Lie 1
Religion is hate.
God and religion are necessary for a civil society and neither result in man being evil or bigoted. Rather, belief in God equips us to be good, loving, citizens who have the ability to constitute a moral polis.

Lie 2
America is racist and evil.
The Left’s accusations of “America’s racism,” are nothing more than accusations.

Lie 3
Climate change is the greatest threat to mankind.
Fearmongering, power-hungry leftists have used the small increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 to scare people into hating Republicans.

Lie 4
White people are privileged.
Race does not automatically provide privilege; rather, privilege originates from many sources. Real success in life comes not from privilege, but is a result of personal choices, opportunities, and education.

Lie 5​
Women are disadvantaged.
Women stand on equal footing as men; differences in outcome result from the different choices men and women make. In fact, women outpace men in many areas of life.

Lie 6
Capitalism is for the greedy rich.
Capitalism has allowed America to flourish and is the only economic system capable to increase the wealth of all members of society.

Lie 7​
Big government is good for the poor.
Federally funded education, welfare, andother big government programs do not empower people to succeed, but rather exacerbate poverty. The left supports these programs in order to make voters dependent on their party.

Lie 8
Open borders are compassionate.
Unrestricted immigration couple with generous public benefits hurts Americans and immigrants – whether legal or illegal.

Lie 9
If you don’t agree with the Left, then you are a racist.
Democrats present themselves as the only defends of black Americans. Democrats – and their allies in the media and academy – hype racism to distract voters, especially black voters, of their failure to deliver on promises.

Lie 10
The Constitution is Outdated, Unfair, and Unnecessary.
America’s Constitution created a foundation of equality, freedom, and prosperity and nurtured the greatest nation in the history of the world.